Notes for Inquiring Minds

Who is Mom Things for?

Mom Things has shipped thousands of boxes nationwide and we have been told that many woman of all ages enjoy our boxes. There is a little bit of everything and, nothing is too specific and is designed to be enjoyed by all. Mom Things also loves to hear when subscribers save an item for a special friends birthday or holiday stocking stuffer.

What is in the box?

Every other month the box features new items that we LOVE and use in our own lives. You may find things for pampering, something practical, something for your purse, and even something you may want to re-gift! No rules here, only fabulous things!

When will I get charged for my next box?

If you order between shipments and we are not sold out of the current box, you will receive that box within 3-5 business days and be charged for the next shipment on the 20th of the same month. To learn more, click here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription prior to your card being charged, your subscription will be canceled and not receive any further boxes. If you cancel your subscription after your card has been charged, you will receive the next month’s box and not receive any further boxes. Please contact if you ever have any questions at all.